Want To Plot Your Novel In One Day?

5 Steps To Get You Excited About Your Story Idea, Avoid Plot Holes And Extensive Revisions, And Have Your Plot Outline Ready In One Day!

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Have a great idea for a story? Or a basic concept that needs some help to become a solid plot?

Already started writing or plotting and want to maximise your story’s success while reducing the time needed for editing and revising?

PLOTTING is the key.

Whether you’re just starting out writing your first book, or have already written several, this online course is for you…

Effective plotting can help you clarify your concept, fine tune your story structure, and create characters and scenes that jump off the page and stay with the reader. Plotting can help you avoid common pitfalls that lead to multiple time-consuming re-writes and ongoing edits. And the good news is, it doesn’t have to take days, weeks, or months… you can do it in only one day by following a few simple strategies. Strategies I have used to plot around 20 books in my seven years of writing and four and a half years of being published.

Tight deadlines and multiple books meant that I had to get creative not only with my writing, but my process. I have learned to focus on the key points and strategies for creating a book from start to finish, and plotting is one of my secret weapons to being able to write faster, better, and have fun in the process!

I’ve taught these strategies in my PLOTTING MOJO workshop that was first presented live online in April 2017, and is now available as an instant download. I look forward to helping YOU create a fabulous plot that will get your story off to the right start, or refine your plot to help jumpstart a work-in-progress that has lost its spark.

First of all, why learn from me?

julietmadison-aug2016-sideMy name is Juliet Madison and I am an award-nominated, bestselling author of 20 books in multiple genres including romantic comedy, young adult supernatural mystery, coastal/small town romance, women’s fiction, and self empowerment non-fiction. I have created multiple courses and how-to guides in the writing industry, self help field, and health industry. I also work as a writing coach and an intuitive self empowerment coach to help people make confident decisions and achieve their life goals. I love putting knowledge into easily understandable and practical formats that are educational, empowering, and fun. I love coming up with ideas, plotting stories, and helping others do the same!

What will I get out of the PLOTTING MOJO course?

You will…

  • Discover what your story idea is REALLY about
  • Clarify your ‘hook’ and make it as interesting, unique, and commercial as possible
  • Learn how to write a back cover blurb BEFORE you write your book
  • Build character depth and make your characters come to life
  • Learn how to write a list of scenes to get to the good stuff and avoid the boring bits!
  • Understand how to outline and structure your book according to a story timeline so everything happens in the right order
  • Learn how to plan your book for a specific word count 
  • Discover the elements you need for an effective beginning, middle, and end
  • Find out questions and tools you can use to challenge your plot and create an even more interesting story
  • Use your own life as inspiration for impactful scenes
  • Learn tips for plotting ‘series’ books
  • Find ways to use your plot to bring about character growth, conflict, and story resolution
  • And more!


How is the course delivered?

You will receive a PDF of the course lessons and interactive worksheets (known in my course as ‘playsheets’ 😉 ). You will also have access to my private Facebook group for support and interaction.

Can I really plot my book in one day?

Yes. I’ve done it, you can too. That doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have ALL of the details planned out meticulously, and there may still be some adding to your story as you write, to allow for creativity, spontaneity, and flexibility, but the main points of your story can be worked out and you can be ready to start your book after a day of intensive yet fun plotting! However, if you prefer, you can do one lesson per day over five days, or you can go with the flow at your own pace.

A summary of what you will receive by investing in this practical course:

  • 5 Plotting Mojo Steps, containing informative content and practical written activities to build your plot step by step.
  • The official Plotting Mojo Playsheet that creates the framework for your story, which you can print if desired and use for all your future books.
  • Bonus membership to the official WRITING MOJO ACADEMY Facebook group for ongoing support, accountability, and advice for your writing and career.

To attend a live, face-to-face workshop, your investment would be around $150-$200, and the fee for the online workshop that was held in April 2017 was $88, but your investment for the download version of the course is only $44 AUD. 

  • “Juliet’s course was as inspiring as it was practical. Each lesson was packed with motivational exercises to help get writers on the path to progress. I highly recommend for anyone who needs a little boost in their writerly mojo.” ~ Kristin Kisska http://www.kristinkisska.com 
  • “This course helped me find my Mojo. The course made me think about my writing holistically. it is not a hobby it is my work and work that I love.” ~ Joanne Austen Brown https://www.facebook.com/joanne.austenbrown/ 

*I’m ready! Yes, I want to buy the PLOTTING MOJO course for $44!


After purchase you will receive an automatic confirmation of your purchase and a link to join the private group. If you don’t receive this or have any questions, please email jtmauthor@gmail.com

Do you have writer friends who would benefit from doing this course too, or perhaps a writing group you would like to do the course with together? Send them to this page, and I look forward to helping you plot your novel!

~ Juliet 

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