Want to know the essentials to writing a romantic, heart-felt, happy-ending novella?

Juliet Madison’s new online course will show you…


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Whether you want to write something sweet or sexy, dramatic or hilarious, realistic or supernatural, present day or historical (or futuristic), this course is for you! A lovella is my term for a “love-novella”; a romance-themed novella with a happy ending. 🙂

  • Create characters you’ll love to write and readers will love to read!
  • Learn how to create a compelling plot suitable for novella length
  • Learn about structure, flow, and page-turning pacing
  • Leave your reader with a huge smile on their face!
  • Make writing your novella fast and fun!
  • Discover tips to help publish and market your novella
  • Receive feedback and guidance along the way!


Novellas sit somewhere between a short story and a novel… usually anywhere between around 10,000 to 40,000 words. This course will focus on both short novellas (10-20k) and longer novellas (20-40k), and will teach you everything you need to know about planning and writing one, as well as publishing and marketing options for your novella. In addition, many of the tips will also help in writing a full length romance novel, however this course will be focused on the shorter word count and the differences this brings, both to the story and to publishing opportunities.

Why write a novella?

Novellas, or in this case, lovellas, are quick satisfying reads that give just enough depth to draw you into the story but don’t require as much time investment as a full length novel. They focus more on a single idea or concept, the initiation or development of a romance rather than a long and drawn out relationship, they aren’t weighed down with too many sub-plots or secondary characters, and they can also be a great lead-in to a book series to give the reader a taste of what to expect. They also make perfect ‘themed’ stories, such as holiday themes or those revolving around a specific event or celebration (eg Christmas or Valentine’s Day).

7 Reasons To Write A Novella:

  1. When starting out as a writer to discover your style and voice
  2. To try a different genre, point-of-view, or experiment with a new story idea
  3. To reclaim your joy & passion for writing, and stimulate your creativity
  4. To use as a freebie to encourage new readers for your other books
  5. As a complement or prequel to a series
  6. As a holiday-themed story or topical story to coincide with world events
  7. For an anthology with other authors

Another reason: Just because!

Novellas are fun, fast, and have many possibilities when it comes to adding to your catalogue of books or expressing your author brand.


Why learn from me?

julietmadison-aug2016-sideMy name is Juliet Madison and I am an award-nominated, bestselling author of 17 books in multiple genres including romantic comedy, young adult supernatural mystery, coastal/small town romance, women’s fiction, and self empowerment non-fiction. I have created multiple courses and how-to guides in the writing industry, self help field, and health industry. I also work as a writing coach and an intuitive self empowerment coach to help people make confident decisions and achieve their life goals. I love putting knowledge into easily understandable and practical formats that are educational, empowering, and fun!

I’ve written stories that range from 2000 words to 100,000 words, and three of my published books are novellas/lovellas; 12 Daves of Christmas, Starstruck in Seattle, and I Dream of Johnny


What’s included in this course?:

  • 2 weeks (7 lessons) of online tuition in all aspects of writing a lovella. Both informative content and practical, fun activities.
  • Support, guidance, and feedback from Juliet Madison as you go through the course.
  • Interaction with other course participants in a private group.
  • The Lovella Playsheet: not a worksheet! A Playsheet to help you plan your lovella plot and characters and marketing.
  • Bonus membership to the official Writing Mojo Academy Facebook group for ongoing support, accountability, and interaction.


> PLUS, the following bonus is available to you:

BONUS 1– Every participant who registers receives a free ebook copy of the Juliet Madison Romantic Comedy Collection which contains two lovellas; Starstruck in Seattle and I Dream of Johnny and also the Amazon Top 100 bestselling full length novel Fast Forward.



When is the course held, and can I do it at my own pace?

The live online course will be held over two weeks, starting on Sunday 25th February with the first introductory lesson and finishing on Friday 9th March.

*REGISTRATIONS CLOSED! DOWNLOAD VERSION COMING SOON – stay tuned or email jtmauthor@gmail.com to be notified when it is available!

Yes, the course can also be done at your own pace, or as each lesson is posted, it is up to you.

The schedule is as follows:

Lesson 1/Introduction: Sunday Feb 25

Lesson 2: Monday Feb 26

Lesson 3: Wednesday Feb 28

Lesson 4: Friday Mar 2

Lesson 5: Monday Mar 5

Lesson 6: Wednesday Mar 7

Lesson 7/Conclusion: Friday Mar 9


How is the course delivered?

Via a private Facebook group made specifically for the course. After registration you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the group. If you don’t receive this please let me know. The lessons will be posted in the group and all support and interaction will take place there. If you register with a different name as your Facebook profile name, please let me know so I can make sure your request to join the group gets approved.


What is my investment to take part in the course?

For 2 weeks of informative and practical tuition and support, the course is valued at $149, but because this is my first time running this course I am reducing it to a launch special of only $111!

  • “Juliet’s course was as inspiring as it was practical. Each lesson was packed with motivational exercises to help get writers on the path to progress. I highly recommend for anyone who needs a little boost in their writerly mojo.” ~ Kristin Kisska http://www.kristinkisska.com 


  • “Thank you so much Juliet Madison 😊  I’ve really enjoyed the course. It has made me take a serious look at my habits and I’m glad to say that I’ve turned the bad into good. These PDF’s are an invaluable resource.” ~ Claire Nice


…Imagine, in a few short weeks or months, you could have a completed novella, ready to polish and submit to publishers, or self-publish. And by this time next year, you could be a bestseller, or have a series of novellas out in the world, or have a valuable tie-in to an existing novel or series. The possibilities with novellas are endless, they are a fantastic, time efficient way of expressing your creativity and adding value to your writing career!

Don’t miss out, book in today for only $111 including 2 weeks of tuition starting Feb 25, a free ebook with 2 novellas and 1 novel, and an entry to win a fabulous love-filled prize pack!


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*REGISTRATIONS CLOSED! DOWNLOAD VERSION COMING SOON – stay tuned or email jtmauthor@gmail.com to be notified when it is available!

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  • “This course helped me find my Mojo. The course made me think about my writing holistically. it is not a hobby it is my work and work that I love.” ~ Joanne Austen Brown https://www.facebook.com/joanne.austenbrown/ 




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YES!: Sign me up for the HOW TO WRITE A LOVELLA course! Only $111

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