Writing Mojo Academy helps writers of all types and levels of experience to:

  • Write creatively and efficiently! (Miraculous Methods)
  • Become motivated and inspired! (Magical Motivation)
  • Program your mind for success! (Manifestation Mindset)


Why is it called Writing Mojo?

  • Mojo is a term used to describe a quality that embodies success, energy, charm, luck, influence, magic, and personal power… You may have heard people say “I’ve lost my mojo!” or “I need to boost my mojo!” …In writing, think of it as that unexplained X Factor an author and/or a book can have, and that powerful force and purpose that helps writers write their books with efficiency and passion, enjoying the process and creating a vibe of fun and success. Writing Mojo Academy is here to help writers boost their mojo and raise those successful writing vibes! 


How does Writing Mojo Academy help writers?

  • Fun, educational, and interactive online workshops and courses (and face to face workshops in future if there is a demand).
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring Q&A sessions with an experienced, bestselling, and multi-published author of both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Critiques of writing samples (partials only at this stage, not full manuscripts) to provide feedback on structure, plot, characterisation, emotion, writing technique, and basic grammar issues, to help guide writers to improve their manuscript and help prepare it for submission or publication.
  • A private Facebook group for students and coaching clients, to provide tips, support, answers to industry or personal questions, and accountability to help writers achieve their goals.
  • Informative articles and tips on writing, publishing, marketing, and mindset.


Who created Writing Mojo Academy?

  • Juliet Madison is a bestselling and award-nominated author of fiction in multiple genres, a colouring book artist, a self-help author, and a self-empowerment coach and writing coach/tutor. She started writing seriously in 2009 while home-schooling her teenage son, got her first contract in 2012, and has since had seventeen books published internationally with publishers in Australia, America, and Croatia, and books available in print, ebook, and audio, with more on the way. Juliet is not only passionate about writing, but about helping other writers succeed and become the best they can be, both in terms of their work and their personal satisfaction. With a health science degree and past career in the health industry, she has experience working one-on-one with a variety of people. Her counselling training and coaching experience combined with her business experience and marketing training gives her a unique approach that is both compassionate and understanding, and proactive and results-oriented.  She lives on the picturesque south coast of NSW, Australia, and is represented by literary agent Joelle Delbourgo.


How can I get started with Writing Mojo Academy?

  • Enrol in a live online course, or purchase a downloadable version – all courses (even live ones) can be completed at your own pace according to your own schedule. Once you’ve invested in a course, you’ll receive an invitation to the Writing Mojo Academy private Facebook group for ongoing support from Juliet and other students and clients. 
  • Book a one-on-one email coaching/mentoring/Q&A session to receive personalised advice, answers to any burning questions you may have, and support to help you reach your goals and stay motivated and on track.
  • Book a critique of your first chapter, first three chapters (and synopsis/query/blurb/concept if needed).


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If you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact page!