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Want to know how to create memorable and authentic characters? Characters that readers will deeply connect with, fall in love with, be amused by, fascinated with, want to stick with until the end of the story, and even miss when the book is over?

>> In one day, you’ll discover how to build realistic characters from scratch or give existing ones a ‘mojo makeover’!

Dear Writer,

Have you experienced that amazing feeling of connecting with a character in a book so much that you genuinely care about them and want them to have a good outcome in the end? Have you laughed and cried along with a character, felt hurt when they’re hurting, and even missed them when the book is finished? Imagine having a reader feeling that about your own characters and your own book…

Having written over 20 books myself, I’ve had to learn to create unique characters from scratch each time without making them seem too much like any of the others. It’s a challenge sometimes! But it’s achievable, and when you think about it… there are billions of people in this world, and although there are many who are similar to each other, every person is unique in their own way. There are endless variations in appearance, behaviour, background, voice sound, and speech patterns.

But what makes a character jump off the page or stay in your mind long after a book is finished? What is that X factor that makes a character memorable, that gives them ‘character mojo’? It’s a combination of elements, and I’ll be sharing those elements with you and the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way in my new online workshop, to help you avoid reincarnated characters and cardboard cut-outs, so that each character you create will have his or her own unique backstory, present reality, and future to aspire towards. And most importantly, so that YOU will connect more deeply with them and your READER will connect with them more deeply also.

Character Mojo (2)

What will you get out of the CHARACTER MOJO online workshop? (now available as a download)

You will discover how to…

  • Create a simple but thorough character profile to help build or refine your character and refer to as needed throughout the writing process.
  • Balance your writer’s intuition with your logical mind when it comes to creating characters.
  • Understand how a character’s backstory creates their present and future behaviour, choices, and experiences.
  • Add depth through faults, weaknesses, strengths, fears, skills, talents, quirks, and desires.
  • Take them on a transformative journey from their starting point, through their challenges, and towards their full potential via internal and external challenges and experiences.
  • Make unlikeable characters realistic but understandable.
  • Find out what your character needs versus what they want.
  • Create unique, authentic, diverse characters.
  • Choose appropriate names for your characters.
  • Decide on the right occupation for your characters.
  • Bring their voice to life and balance it with your unique author voice, regardless of whether you’re writing in first or third person.
  • and more!

Why learn from me?

julietmadison-aug2016-sideMy name is Juliet Madison and I am an award-nominated, bestselling author of 19 books in multiple genres including romantic comedy, young adult supernatural mystery, coastal/small town romance, women’s fiction, and self empowerment non-fiction. I have written a large variety of characters of different genders, ages, nationalities, occupations, and both realistic and supernatural characters. I have created multiple courses and how-to guides in the writing industry, self help field, and health industry. I also work as a writing coach and an intuitive self empowerment coach to help people understand their emotions and thoughts, and make confident decisions to achieve their life goals. I love putting knowledge into easily understandable and practical formats that are educational, empowering, and fun. I love coming up with ideas, plotting stories, creating characters, and helping others do the same!

How is the course delivered?

Instantly via an email link to download the 70 page course document & activities. You will also receive an invitation to my private Writing Mojo Academy Facebook group (if you’re not already a member) where participants from all my courses and coaching can ask questions, receive support and accountability, and interact with myself and other members.

A summary of what you will receive by investing in this fun and practical course:

  • Essential Character Mojo elements and guidelines to help you create or refine characters step by step.
  • Character templates and questionnaires to fill out and use now and for all your future characters. 
  • Fun and interesting character building activities to boost your ‘character creating mojo’ and learn more about yourself and your characters.
  • Bonus membership to the official WRITING MOJO ACADEMY Facebook group for ongoing support, accountability, and advice for your writing and career.

To attend a live, face-to-face workshop, your investment would be around $150-$200, and the live online workshop was $88 (AUD), but for the download version you can start creating awesome new characters for only half that price; $44! 

  • “Juliet’s course was as inspiring as it was practical. Each lesson was packed with motivational exercises to help get writers on the path to progress. I highly recommend for anyone who needs a little boost in their writerly mojo.” ~ Kristin Kisska
  • “This course helped me find my Mojo. The course made me think about my writing holistically. it is not a hobby it is my work and work that I love.” ~ Joanne Austen Brown

Avoid the common complaint from editors and publishers that they “couldn’t connect with the character”, by taking action NOW to lay the foundations for rich, complex, unique, and memorable characters.

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Do you have writer friends who would benefit from doing this course too, or perhaps a writing group you would like to do the course with together? Send them to this page, and I look forward to helping you create awesome characters!

~ Juliet 

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